We offer private and semiprivate personal training that helps our clients meet their fitness goals. Whether it is losing weight, improving physical appearance, improving posture, or improving performance in any area, we are here to help and motivate. We can help improve your strength, power, endurance, agility, flexibility, balance, and performance. We offer nutritional, exercise, and motivational advice.

Group Training Classes:

  • Circuit based training with a mixture of strength, endurance and cardiovascular training meant to get your heart rate up while improving overall strength and endurance in a group setting. Classes can be modified from beginner to advanced.
  • Class offerings for teams / groups / corporate wellness programs¬†(coworkers)¬†can be made available

Private Personal Training: (about 1 hour for 80 dollars a visit)

  • Sport specific exercise programs
  • Weight loss programs
  • Goal oriented training programs
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Running programs
  • Balance Programs
  • Jumping Programs
  • This does not include Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy: (all PPO insurance plans accepted)

  • Including manual therapy, manual mobilizations, modalities, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise, strengthening and stretching along with specific treatment plans for injuries. After the initial evaluation, follow-up treatments usually consists of manual therapy for about 30 minutes (depends on injury) and then specific exercise programs in order to optimize your health.
  • We accept all PPO insurance plans. If you are curious on what it would cost for your specific plan please call us so that we can verify your insurance and give you an estimate of cost. Cash rate for physical therapy is 100 per visit.