Home Visits: Cash Pay Only

Includes an hour of physical therapy (including manual treatment, exercise, and possible ergonomic assessments). Please contact for more details if interested

Give Back!

Through experience we have learned that an important stage in any rehab is the ability to help others or give back however possible. There are multiple ways you can help complete this last step. Please contact for more details if interested.

  • Invite us to your office for an ergonomic assessment for your coworkers and you! During an ergonomic assessment we provide professional advice about how we would change your office in order to reduce the risk of future injury. Depending on what we find, we will offer advice or let you know about possible products that will help your workspace become more ergonomic. Please contact us for more details!

  • Bring a friend to one of our free fitness or exercise days in order to motivate others to get in shape and stay healthy. You are the company you keep. Let’s gather positive people with healthy goals!

Prospective Students (Undergraduate and Graduate students welcome) :

We take pride in furthering the careers of both our volunteers and paid staff. If you are interested in physical therapy please feel free to email us. Paid positions, volunteer and Internships are available (depending on schedule).



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