I Injured myself while traveling in Spain, and I contacted Jason as I was boarding my flight to come home. From first contact he was on it, responsive, supportive, and willing to serve on the highest level. He told me to come directly to him after my flight landed. My flight was delayed and he took the time after closing to see me. He guided me in the right direction to get an X-ray. Thanks to him I discovered I had a fracture, got a cast and now I'm starting my physical therapy with him towards healing. Courtney and Jason are running an amazing practice of healing, using many modalities, and their beautiful inspiring knowledge (that's the key). Highly recommend, don't wait, don't hesitate. You are in the best hands. He has made a very tough and scary situation calm, supported, and positive. Already feeling so much better! Their company's name is spot on! ~Yahel S.


“5/5 for both Jason & Courtney! I was referred to this PT clinic from my attorney's office following a pedestrian v. automobile accident at the end of October. I feel qualified and confident in my review after being treated by both Jason and Courtney several times, and working with the aides/trainers there. Both of them listen carefully to your concerns and attend to your body's needs. They use manual therapy (massage) and personal training to focus on the body parts & areas you are feeling pain or discomfort in. I've addressed neck, shoulder, and back (both upper and lower) pain in the past month. Another plus is that they are friendly and can hold great conversations so it's not boring :) Yesterday night, I had a flare-up of a disc injury and was unable to move without excruciating pain. I called this morning to see if they could see me and I was seen at 11 AM. Super thankful for their fast scheduling! TL; DR Addressing pain 5/5 Helpful exercises for "homework" 5/5 Equipment availability 5/5 Good conversation 5/5 Easy scheduling 5/5 Convenient parking 5/5 ~Arie K.


This is by far the greatest PT clinic of all time. I've been to a number of clinics and no one does it better than Positive Physical Therapy. The staff is wicked smart and uber friendly, the workouts are supreme, and the attention to detail is downright astonishing. Who knew that one could tear an ACL and Meniscus and be sprinting 10 weeks later? I sure didn't until I came here. Thanks to the careful planning and brilliant execution that went into pre & post surgery training, I didn't skip a beat and always stayed ahead of the recovery curve. I highly recommend this place to anyone who strives to be better than the rest. ~Matt N.


Beyond incredible. Really impressed with quality of work from these guys and very grateful for the rapid recovery from my surgery. My orthopedic surgeon was blown away by the speed and results of my recovery! They do great work, and even though physical therapy can be painful, they made it a fun experience. It's a relaxed and comfortable environment, with chill but very talented staff. They are also great about handling insurance and business stuff. Don't risk going anywhere else - do yourself a favor and go with the best! Highly recommend! ~ Josh N.



Best physical therapists I've ever been to. I've run a lot of marathons without a runner's body so I've had a lot of injuries over the years. Positive Physical Therapy does the best body work, they explain what's going on, and the best way to heal and get stronger. Not just the gratuitous e-stim and ultrasound route. And they're the nicest people ever. ~Ron

Hands down the best

Positive PT is hands down the best physical therapy I’ve experienced, and I’ve been to several practitioners in LA. What sets them apart is their particular focus on manual therapy, and the time they spend with each patient, which is to say that each patient gets individual attention. Courtney and Jennifer are extremely talented doctors. Overall the entire staff is courteous, well-trained, and capable. To top it all off, it’s a great environment, they work with most insurance providers, and parking is easy. ~Evan

These Guys are doing a great job

These guys are doing a great job, unlike many others in the business they actually know what they’re doing.They helped me a lot in dealing with pain before and after surgery, they also teach you how to stretch properly and do exercises to make you stronger. ~Luciano