We pride ourselves in providing the best care we possibly can. We are comfortable and capable treating all levels of patients whether they are olympic athletes, post surgical or persons with no exercise experience. We cater to all patients and will make your program specific to you and your life and sport specific needs. We specialize in manual therapy and exercise in order to return to full function.


We treate a wide range of pediatric conditions such as but not limited to torticollis, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, orthopedic fracture (rehab and post op), rheumatoid arthritis, balance training, toe walking, and developmental delay. We enjoy getting the parent(s) involved in the treatment and education in order to guarantee understanding of each child's treatment and PT prognosis.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Blood flow restriction training decreases blood flow to specific muscles in order to promote strength and hypertrophy and prevent atrophy of muscles (specifically after surgery). BFR is an effective modality that when used appropriately can help improve strength and create muscle adaptations. Our therapists utilize BFR to help build strength, recruit muscle fibers and aid in getting our patients back to their activities.

Wellness and injury prevention

An ergonomic/work assessment can go a long way to helping individuals with their ailments. Our physical therapists can make suggestions and adjustments to your workstation to promote better posture and alignment.

Corporate wellness programs available. Please email for details.

Sports Performance

As physical therapists we are MOVEMENT SPECIALISTS. If there is a specific goal, task (movement) or sport you would like to improve we can help build a program to reach your desired effect using scientifically proven programming.

Physical Therapy in Home

Physical therapy home care can be provided from our therapists. Our therapists can help with home specific tasks, suggestions to home adaptations to help prevent trips and falls, and aid patients who are unable to get to our facility to receive the rehabilition and exercises they need to be functional within the community. Please contact our office for availability and rates.

Personal Training with licensed physical therapist

Hour long one-on-one personal training sessions available. Please call for pricing and packages are available.